Speed development and experimentation by working with others

HASH contains a number of features designed to support effective team collaboration when building simulation models and accessing their outputs.


On every hIndex project page, you can browse or open new issues on projects to leave feedback, ask questions, or request changes.


You can "cut a release" of any HASH project (whether a simulation, behavior, dataset, or any other collection of files) at any time. Releases are available for import within other HASH projects, allowing for high-degrees of collaboration and composability within HASH, without risking breakage from ongoing development-related changes to components.


In the same way you can create private projects as an individual user, visible only to you, by creating an organization you can extend the right to view and edit a project to trusted teams of collaborators.

Shareable links

Should you choose to allow it, projects in hCore can be shared with anybody, even if they don't have a HASH account, and opened directly in the browser -- no special software required.

To generate a share link, click the 'Share' button in the top-right hand corner of HASH. Read more about sharing simulations >

Coming soon...

Other features coming soon include:

  • Merge Requests in hCore and hIndex

  • Google Docs-style editing history

  • Real-time editing (Google Docs-style) - see other editors'

  • Cross-team billing

  • Shared storage and compute caps

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)